Christopher Dresser 1834-1904   ——  designer & theorist  ————

The purpose of this site is to make the life and work of Christopher Dresser more easily available and better understood. No designer contributed more to progressive design in the second half of the nineteenth century. Morris, Godwin, Tiffany, Gallé, Loetz, Liberty, Silver Studio, Benson, Knox and others, were all influenced by Dresser.

He was a pioneer designer, botanist, theorist, teacher, reviewer, author, merchant, architect and traveller but most of all he provides a focus for all who are interested in the progressive design history not only of Britain but also of Europe, America and Japan.

Dresser trained as a designer at the Government School of Design from 1847 until 1854 and began designing professionally in about 1858; many of his designs were shown in the 1862 Exhibition. His review Development of Ornamental Art in the International Exhibition and his book The Art of Decorative Design, both 1862, established his philosophy of design, which he expanded upon in 1873 in his Principles of Decorative Design which was written specifically for the working man.

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