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The aim of this site is to promote an interest in the designer and theorist, Christopher Dresser. As Italian design guru Alberto Alessi has written,

'Few among our public know that more than a century ago, in Victorian England, there dwelt ... a character of extraordinary interest to the history of design: Dr. Christopher Dresser ... a realistic and visionary designer, inexplicably forgotten for too long'. Why I love Christopher Dresser, 1991.

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'Border ornament of a new style', Studies in Design, from Plate 5
Christopher Dresser

Special thanks go to the pioneers of Dresser research but especially Stuart Durant; John Jesse; Andrew M. Patrick; and Michael Whiteway who have led by example. To John Andrews (of ACC) for his review.

We gratefully acknowledge the following who provided photos for Dresser's Decorative Design, some of which may have been reused on this website: David Wiltshire; Michael Whiteway of Haslam and Whiteway; Woolley and Wallis, Salisbury; Robert Tuggle; Paul Jeromack.

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